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Indian Staffing Federation



Flexi Staffing Skill Enhancer –Training Series



Program Overview :

Continual learning and skill enhancement is a must for any business to stay competitive and it is a marathon that starts with hiring. A very common expectation laid by every manager is for their team member to be adaptive. However, the link is usually missing – adequate knowledge sharing to stay ahead in the dynamic environment, outside of the organisation.

Training programs are the only essential strategic step towards fostering and enhancing skills continuously.

Indian Staffing Federation is addressing some of the critical issues plaguing the flexi staffing professionals. In these training series, our Industry experts will take the employees on a transformational ‘tour of duty’ that’s mutually beneficial to their career path and your organisation. We look forward to nominations and active participation from your organisation to be able to benefit from the trainings. 

 Workshop on Customer Relationship Management 

CRM, as its called, is a lot different in Staffing as compared to other businesses. Staffing being a day-to-day transaction based process, dealing with customers on various counts ranging from fresh requirements, associate complaints, client MIS, etc become critical in determining Customer Satisfaction. The program is going to focus on how to manage customer satisfaction through systematic processes, and client interaction.

Who should attend:

Junior - Mid level staffing professionals from corporates or flexi staffing companies.


All sessions are scheduled for High-Tea, half day trainings


Profile of the trainer



Registration Fees – Full Series of any location (Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru/Kolkata) for any participant

Series booking – 15% discount

Please register soon, limited seats. For further queries please mail at

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